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If you own a PS3 and do not own inFamous, go purchase it.  Now.  I'll wait.

If you don't own a PS3, here's what you're missing out on:
inFamous is an amazing superhero story about Cole McGrath, a courier who develops electric powers.  He can either choose to be selfish or selfless- save the majority of citizens or bend Empire City to his will.  This man can drain cars as they drive by and kill the inhabitants.  Cole controls so smoothly and feels like a true extension of you, bringing in a new level of immersion uncommon in games.  Better yet, when you fail, the game sends you back to a very recent checkpoint- they're never more than a minute or two back. 

inFamous encourages experimentation, with your powers to throw Lightning Grenades, shock people like a pistol, drop on them from above, or run in and melee them off rooftops.  Fleeing from a large group of enemies is always a blast (like Prototype, but this game is far less frustrating). 

Honestly, my only complaint with the game is that there is no way to enjoy it co-operatively.   Everything else about the game feels flawless so far (barring some glitches, definitely not game-breaking).  I'll continue posting about it here as I play through it.


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