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All righty.  I've completed 2 of the 5 acts in Metal Gear Solid 4:  Guns of the Patriots.  The game is amazing so far, so I thought now would be a good time to reflect on the series in a couple of parts (no way will I fit this in one post).

The first game is dreadful by today's standards in games.  The graphics are terrible, the control and camera are terrible, but the game is 14 years old (give or take).  The story is one of the best in gaming, so if you're at all interested in it, for the love of god find the Gamecube remake in play it.  It's got much better graphics, detail, and the abilities found in the sequel, "Sons of Liberty." 

One of the suckiest parts of controlling the games (1-3) is that hitting "X" puts you in a crouch.  If you move from here, you crawl on your stomach.  If you hit "X" while crawling, you're back in the crouch.  Try to move again, and you're crawling.  You have to hit "X" a second time to start running.  Imagine you're in a boss fight, and you need to lay down to grab something/dodge, and you get up to run to new cover.  Instead, you crawl dirty slowly and take a huge amount of damage from the boss' attack.  Not fun.  Want to try aiming your gun to shoot back?  Hit R2 (bring out the gun), R1 (aim the gun), and hold and release square to fire.  THREE buttons for one action.  Reloading is accomplished by hitting R2 twice.  Ugh.  Combine those controls with some of the others and you'll catch my drift.

In the fourth game, they've overhauled the controls and now they're amazing.  It controls like a hybrid of Gears of War and Splinter Cell, with an awesome new OctoCamoflauge system.  The game is insanely smooth.  The game feels like an extension of you.  Old Snake is ironically the easiest character in the series to play as. 

Well, that's my first part of the Metal Gear Solid retrospective.  Agree/Disagree?  Comment.  DO IT.  Okay?



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