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Seeing as how its 1 in the morning, I'm going to keep this a bit brief.  I figured I'd go ahead and review the game "Prototype."

It's developed by Radical Entertainment, the same people who brought out the "Hulk: Ultimate Destruction" for the Gamecube, PS2, and original Xbox back in 2003 (if memory serves correctly).  The game's heritage is immediately visible playing it, as many of the same elements in the old Hulk game are present here. 

The graphics are a mixed bag.  Considering the amount of carnage going on at any given time, the graphics do remain constant and smooth.  The frame rate never slows down unless some real shit is happening.  They aren't the best graphics, but I never felt that the graphics were hindering me in any way.  The character model for Alex Mercer, the main character, is fantastic as he leaps around any obstacle and glides over the rooftops.

The sound effects and music are almost completely forgettable.  Some nice explosions are about the only noteworthy aspect here.  I can' t honestly recall a single track from the game.  Mercer's voice acting is pretty respectable, but all other characters fall flat.

Playing the game is an awesome experience.  If you can't seem to get a hang of the controls, restart the game on Easy until you adapt.  Normal will kill you many times.  Mercer is a crazy character, able to adapt and shapeshift as he sees fit.  To escape the military, simply move out of sight and shapeshift out of your current costume.  Need some help crushing that Tank?  Turn into the Blade form and slice through it like tissue paper.  The possiblities are endless, and a wide variety of unlockables earned through EP (Experience Points) will keep you playing.  Mercer can sprint over rooftops a la "Assassin's Creed," but he can also glide for short distances like a miniature Superman. 

The story is strange.  I was pulled into some parts of it, but others were just plain confusing.  The ending appears out of left field and doesn't truly answer any questions.

Overall, I'd give this game an 8/10.  The story was brief (8-10 hours), but a New Game+ mode unlocks after you complete it, letting you replay harder difficulties with your pumped character.  Pick this one up for around $30-$40, and you'll have a blast.

So, first review.  Whaddya think?




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